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Girly Checks Logo ButtonWe are installing a new section to the popular Girly Checks website. The Girly Checks Blog will provide our readers and customers with current trends in the world of personal checks, business checks and personal finance.

Keep an eye on this space. The software is currently being installed and the first tidbit of information will be coming within the next few weeks.

One of our themes will be a series of articles providing a synopsis of each of our affiliated companies. There are several different checks merchants and financial printing/manufacturing firms who have products displayed on Each have a similar, but slightly different, approach to doing business. However, each of them are long-standing companies with good reputations in the business world and all offer product choices to help you, our customer, find exactly what you need (and want) in the personal checks you buy.

Oh, and “business checks,” too. They are just not quite as much “fun” as personal checks. We have our own “twist” on the subject of business checks and you will find out what that twist is.

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  1. Carmen Howard says:

    I didn’t order today. Looked at your cause checks and there was nothing about Crohn’s, IBD or Colitis. There must have been 20 for breast cancer but we need to get the awareness out about Crohn’s. They do not know what causes it. There is no cure and it’s an autoimmune disease. I was diagnosed at the age of 22. But they are having this disease show up in children as young as 5 yrs old. My 13 yr old cousin was diagnosed a yr ago. Please help get the ball rolling on this so we can use these checks and get people aware. Thank you

    • CheckChic says:

      Thank you for your suggestion and information. We contacted our largest supplier, who also seems to be the most responsive with requests for new designs. I agree that we should display and offer an awareness check series for Crohn’s. It turns out they do have two checks designs for Crohn’s Awareness – but they had not been added to the affiliate database. So we just (manually) included them here at Girly Checks. They now appear in the the “Causes and Awareness” category and will appear in a search for “Crohn’s.”

      The reason for so many awareness checks for breast cancer is that most of the manufacturers have a couple varieties of “pink ribbon” checks – because (it seems) “everyone” does. Our (best) affiliated merchant, Checks SuperStore, has the largest variety of awareness checks beyond breast cancer that we have found anywhere. We believe they will rise to the occasion and continue to create designs for other important causes. We have a request in now for Lyme Disease Awareness Checks because the daughter of a personal friend has been fighting this debilitating condition for years.

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