Happy Birthday to GirlyChecks.com

Happy Birthday – of a sort – to Girly Checks

Today, November 4, 2015, Facebook reminded us of a unique anniversary for Girly Checks personal checks. It was six years ago that we announced that Girly Checks created a merchant program, a vehicle where other website owners could earn a sales commission by referring potential checks customers. The Facebook announcement was in conjunction with Girly Checks opening a support forum on A Best Web, the preeminent affiliate marketing forum of its day.

Girly Checks at Affiliate Summit

Because GirlyChecks.com is no longer a “merchant” with [only] one company doing product fulfillment, we can now display over 21,500 checks/checking products from most of the major manufacturers in the USA. Girly Checks’ roots actually began in March 2008 as an affiliate of one company, 4checks.com (Thanks, Kim.) and has evolved positively for the last 7 1/2 years.

Girly Checks only served as a “merchant” for a little over two years. We found we could not best serve our customer base by using only one company to provide products. We could also not control the manner in which a variety of other websites might promote our checks products. So, for the good of our customers we reverted back to our roots and things have been growing ever since.

It has been a long and interesting story that will one day make a great “tale to tell.” We are happy to have been able to serve the checks-buying public for the last seven and a half years. We plan to continue to bring you an easy way to shop for all of your personal and business checks needs for a long time to come.

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April is Autism Awareness Month

Children with autism…

…are often “left out” because they seem different. But they are children, after all, and did not bring this debilitating condition upon themselves. Far too many people are not aware of what autism means to children and to the families of those children. Everyone in our modern society needs to be educated about what autism is and what it means.

One of many Autism Awareness Check Designs...

One of many Autism Awareness Check Designs displayed at GirlyChecks.com

Autism Awareness Month is a step in that direction. I’m not quite sure how I felt on the evening of the 2nd, Autism Awareness Day, when I saw many buildings in Downtown Baltimore (as they were in many cities) lit up in blue. This is not a festive situation and, at times, I get the feeling that some promotional efforts lean that way. That is unfortunate because this is serious stuff. From the Centers for Disease Control

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a group of developmental disabilities that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges.

Autism awareness should be ongoing – period. People should be made aware, educated, so to speak – not just on a special day or during one month out 12 – but all of the time. With Autism Awareness Personal Bank Checks, anyone interested in helping to promote the awareness of autism can do so, in a subtle way, every time they write a check – all year ’round.

You need checks anyway, so why not re-order what you need with a “message” as a part of your checks? CLICK HERE to see an assortment of Autism Awareness Checks available from a variety of manufacturers/merchants.

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Happy 7th Birthday to GirlyChecks.com

Celebrating Seven Years Serving the Check-Buying Public…

GirlyChecks.com was launched in March, 2008 as a small website offering products from the 4Checks company. The focus was, of course, on personal checks with a feminine theme.

Shortly after the launch we learned that approximately 80% of ALL checks purchased online were purchased by women. That was an eye-opener, but it actually made sense. Many women today own their own business and or are executives and administrators of other businesses – and are usually the person placing orders. Armed with that information, GirlyChecks.com began adding all kinds of checks to fulfill just about anyone’s needs for personal and/or business checks.

Girly Checks Typical Banner Ad

We do not sell any products directly but we do display the largest categorized selection of checks and checking account supplies anywhere. In our master database we have over 21,900 products from nearly all of the major suppliers and we are responsible for referring the sales of thousands or orders every year. We earn a small commission on each order but that does not affect the final cost to any of our shoppers (you) because commissions are paid as an advertising fee from each merchant to Girly Checks.

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New Blog Section for GirlyChecks.com

Girly Checks Blog…

Girly Checks Logo ButtonWe are installing a new section to the popular Girly Checks website. The Girly Checks Blog will provide our readers and customers with current trends in the world of personal checks, business checks and personal finance.

Keep an eye on this space. The software is currently being installed and the first tidbit of information will be coming within the next few weeks.

One of our themes will be a series of articles providing a synopsis of each of our affiliated companies. There are several different checks merchants and financial printing/manufacturing firms who have products displayed on GirlyChecks.com. Each have a similar, but slightly different, approach to doing business. However, each of them are long-standing companies with good reputations in the business world and all offer product choices to help you, our customer, find exactly what you need (and want) in the personal checks you buy.

Oh, and “business checks,” too. They are just not quite as much “fun” as personal checks. We have our own “twist” on the subject of business checks and you will find out what that twist is.

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